Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Are you sabotaging your marriage?

My husband and I have great conversations and we like to dig deep when it comes to issues like our relationship, personalities, habits etc. I'm a lucky girl, because my husband likes to talk to me and with me. He challenges me intellectually, and I love it.

We started to think how couples can sabotage their marriages. I've been thinking about this topic for couple months now. I've been reflecting my own habits and actions. I've also thought about the people around me. Now finally I decided to write this post. I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

20 ways women sabotage their marriages, I am Mrs K, marriage

1. We expect our husband to feel and think the same way as we do

2. We feel bitter when the hubby wants to spent time with his friends or has a hobby or a passion that does not include us

3. When he does something sweet, we remind him of the times he was an a-hole

4. We pressure him to speak 

5. We act like martyrs

6. We forget that we have different personality types

7. We forget that we have a different family background

8. We are disappointed when he doesn't act like you think a good husband does

9. We criticise him in front of your friends and family

10. We respect our parents' opinions more than his

11. We don't give him space

12. We want special date-nights and "do stuff together" when he just wants to take it easy and keep it simple

13. We rarely show contentment

14. We forget that we might not have a same love language

15. We act like we are his mom

16. We compare him to our friend's spouse, or to our dad, brothers, cousins...

17. We blame him for not making us happy

18. We expect him to read our minds

19. We think we have a same sex drive

20. We don't make an effort to get to know him deeply