Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I started my new job

I just wanted to write couple words about what's going on in my life right now. Things have been pretty hectic. I started my new job and moved into my tiny new apartment. And of course, we have a long distance marriage now. 

I haven't been able to blog or read other blogs, but I hope things will calm down a bit. I miss the blogging world.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Are you sabotaging your marriage?

My husband and I have great conversations and we like to dig deep when it comes to issues like our relationship, personalities, habits etc. I'm a lucky girl, because my husband likes to talk to me and with me. He challenges me intellectually, and I love it.

We started to think how couples can sabotage their marriages. I've been thinking about this topic for couple months now. I've been reflecting my own habits and actions. I've also thought about the people around me. Now finally I decided to write this post. I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

20 ways women sabotage their marriages, I am Mrs K, marriage

1. We expect our husband to feel and think the same way as we do

2. We feel bitter when the hubby wants to spent time with his friends or has a hobby or a passion that does not include us

3. When he does something sweet, we remind him of the times he was an a-hole

4. We pressure him to speak 

5. We act like martyrs

6. We forget that we have different personality types

7. We forget that we have a different family background

8. We are disappointed when he doesn't act like you think a good husband does

9. We criticise him in front of your friends and family

10. We respect our parents' opinions more than his

11. We don't give him space

12. We want special date-nights and "do stuff together" when he just wants to take it easy and keep it simple

13. We rarely show contentment

14. We forget that we might not have a same love language

15. We act like we are his mom

16. We compare him to our friend's spouse, or to our dad, brothers, cousins...

17. We blame him for not making us happy

18. We expect him to read our minds

19. We think we have a same sex drive

20. We don't make an effort to get to know him deeply

Friday, September 18, 2015

30 before 30

My goals and dreams for the next 3 years. What do you think? Can I make these happen?

1. Become a mom

2. A road trip from San Jose to Vancouver

3. Learn to handstand

4. Run a half marathon

5. Learn to cook Indian food

6. Witness a miracle

7. Own solar panels

8. At least for 1 month, eat a warm meal everyday

9. Read the whole Bible

10. Own a Tolix chair(s)

11. Do at least 1 thing every year to help end poverty

12. Read 2 classics every year

13. Study more to be qualified to teach a third subject in school

14. Learn to sew a dress

15. Buy a beautiful painting 

16. See Wicked on Broadway

17. Learn to eat fish

18. Go to a big concert

19. Go to a ballet

20. Learn to play tennis

21. See what happens when I stretch twice a week for 2 months

22. Do the 30 Day Water Challenge every year

23. Donate blood at least once

24. Create a smash book

25. Choose a small independent shop, cafe, restaurant etc. over big  chains at least 10 times

26. Choose organic cosmetic products over "skin on cancer" products at least 10 times

27. Learn to make soap or candles

28. Donate my wedding dress (March 2016)

29. Manage to do at least 1 pull-up

30. Learn self-defense

Do you have a bucket list or dreams you'd like to come true before your next big birthday?

Monday, September 14, 2015

5 resources I couldn't blog without

1. PicMonkey

I love using PicMonkey, because it's easy and free. You can do so much with it. 

2. Canva

First I didn't like Canva, but eventually it showed my how amazing it is. 

3. Photobucket

For me, Photobucket is the best image host option. 

4. Evernote

I love using my virtual notebook to keep all my blog stuff in order. It's so convenient when I'm not home or can't use my own laptop.

5. Stock photo sites

I'd like to only use my own images, but unfortunately I am one of THOSE people. Therefore I try to find pretty and free images from Pixabay, Unsplash and morgueFile. They are my favorite.

What are your favorite blogging resources?

Friday, September 11, 2015

My must-have fall things

Scarves. When it gets chilly, I can't live without scarves. I have many, but I'm constantly looking for new ones. 

Jazz. There's nothing better than Renee Olstead's smooth voice when it's getting cold outside and the leaves are changing color. 

Candles. No explanations needed.

Hot Chocolate. American bloggers (yes I generalise) need pumpkin lattes. I don't. Fist of all, I hate coffee. Secondly pumpkin is not "a big deal" here in Finland. What I need, instead, is hot chocolate. With whipped cream. From a pretty mug.

Rubber boots. I love Hai rubber boots. They are perfect when you have to walk across puddles. I think I need the pretty mint green ones!

What about you? DO you have any must-have fall things?

Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Message to Taylor Swift

If you agree, please retweet! It would be amazing, if Taylor Swift saw this tweet.

Friday, September 4, 2015

5 On Friday

1. Liz Lemon

I've been sick almost a week. I'm better now, but I had a high fever plus other annoying symptoms. I ended up watching 2 seasons of 30 Rock in my bed. I love love love Liz Lemon and Kenneth!

2. Lists lists lists

You know I got a job and blah blah. Now I'm making lists of things I need to pack with me, buy for my apartment (which I still don't have) and things I need to remember to do.

3. Minutes

There's a song that's really been on my mind this week. It's Minutes by Praise Unit (you can check it out on Spotify). 

"What you do with your life this minute, can change your life forever."

4. Remember to link up!

Next Tuesday remember to link up your craft projects etc. to Awesome Things Tuesday! Such a fun link up!

Last week I shared my Cheese Delights and Small Magazine Bowl Project there there and found lots of new interesting projects!

5. Twitter

Wanna make me really happy? Follow me on Twitter.

3 teacher outfits

I'm not only preparing myself for the new job spiritually and mentally. I'm also updating my wardrobe. Here are 3 outfits I'd love to have! 

1. Everything from Zalando

2. Everything from Zalando

3. Everything from H&M