Monday, July 30, 2012

24/7 part 3

After the official part, it was time to celebrate. Here are some pics from the reception.


Centerpieces were made from old painted books, apples and apple tree leaves (from mom and dad's yard) 

This garden swing (made of old buffalo wagon) was a piece of Thailand. 

My late grandma congratulating us. I'm so happy she was there.

Then the food:

Different kinds of salads
Thai red curry with Yasmin rice
Tom Yum Shrimp soup
Wok vegetables
Karelian pies and bread rolls

And the dessert:

Bebe pastries
French Waffles, 
Strawberry and Raspberry Cheesecakes
 Dark chocolate lingonberry mousse cake


The wedding favors:

Wedding honey

The wedding surprise:

"Mom, you wanted me to sing at my wedding, and I said no, because it would be too emotional, but I have a surprise for you. I'm going to sing. Hope you'll like it."

Us performing Carrie Underwood's Mama's song. It was hard to sing because everyone was crying. It's such a beautiful song!

And so our life as a married couple started. I found my honey!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

24/7 part 2

My third year as mrs K started today and it's time to walk down the aisle again. Here are some pictures from the church:

My goodness, this was an emotional moment. The moment I (like many other little princesses) had been dreaming about ever since I was a little girl. In my dreams I had that really big and "fluffy" princess dress (ladies, I think you know what I'm talking about), but in my "dream come true" I wore this mermaid dress, which still hangs in my closet. I think it was million times more perfect than any "princess dress". 

"There's no turning back now!"

My dad married us, so it was really special and personal. I'm a daddy's girl and when he spoke about our bond, it was pretty hard not to cry.

You may kiss the bride!

Mr & mrs K leaving the church with I feel Good (James Brown) playing in the background.

Who wouldn't be smiling knowing that you'd be driving this beauty:

(still married, and in it for life.)

Monday, July 23, 2012

24/7 part 1

This week is all about remembering the most wonderful day of my life and that days was 24th July 2010. That's the day when I said "I do" to love of my life. I'm going to share some memories and thoughts about the journey so far with you. 

First: The wedding day (which was seriously the only cloudy and rainy day that summer. But it was still perfect! And no rain, while we were outside)

We took our wedding portraits at the old Verla Mill Museum (which is included in the UNESCO heritage list). The setting was beautiful and it was lovely to share it with our closest friends. 

Most likely the coolest bridal party ever: