Sunday, August 31, 2014

5 Random Things

1. 26

I am 26 years and 2 days old. I feel "old". Here are some random 26 lists:

- 26 Tips and tricks to simplify life

- 26 Simple Tips To Living Longer. When You See These, You’ll Agree - 26 Tipsto Better Sleep

2. Maddie

Maddie hs to be the cutest thing ever! Have you seen her?

3. Have you already helped Iraqi refugees?

You can do it here: Fida

4. I want this!

We need a new rug for our living room. I would love it to be something like this: 

I saw this rug in the Housing Fair. I fell in love with it. 

5. Sunday school

This year I will be the leader of my church's sunday school team. So I am currently collecting craft ideas etc. If you have something on your mind and would like to share it with me, please email me or leave a comment below.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Birthday Extravaganza Day 5 - My favorite things Giveaway

Today is my 26th birthday. That's why I decided that my favorite things would be a perfect price. 1 winner, open world wide. All entries will be verified.


Finnish candy and chocolate.

Craft supplies: stickers, a stamp, tape and gold and silver sequins.

A notebook, gift tags and 4 Fullfölja cards from Ikea.

4 old fashioned postcards. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Birthday Extravaganza Day 4 - A Book Giveaway

The prize

(A winner from the US gets to choose between an e-book and a hardcover. If the winner is from some other country, the prize is an e-book)

1 winner. All entries will be verified.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Birthday Extravaganza Day 3 - Pretty Lady


A necklace and pair of earrings from Ihana Shop


Never never never give up print from Only Printable Arts

Remember to check out yesterday's giveaway HERE.

1 winner. You have to follow I am Mrs K (GFC or Bloglovin) International giveaway. All entries will be verified. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Birthday Extravaganza Day 2 - Notebook Giveaway

This giveaway is co-hosted by lovely Ashley from A Faithful Passion

A Faithful Passion

Amazing prizes! 3 notebooks from Paper Chic and a lovely print from Only Printable Arts. (1 winner. All entries will be verified.)

Remember to check out the Blogger's Dream giveaway from day 1.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Birthday Extravaganza Day 1 - Blogger's Dream

1st prize

 A blog planner from Breezy Organization
A sidebar ad on I am Mrs K for 1 year (blogs with violence and sexual content are not accepted)

2nd prize

A sidebar ad on I am Mrs K for 1 month

(All entries will be verified) 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

5 Random Things

1. Why on earth I haven't seen this movie!?

How romantic! I need to see this :)

2. Can't wait!

My Birthday Extravaganza is next week! I'm suuuuper excited. Take a peek if you want to see one of the prizes: Only Printable Arts

3. Delicious

You don't have to understand a word, but the photos on this blog are just so yummy! 

4. The coolest thing ever - color palette generator

I think DeGraeve's color palette generator is so amazing. You just  add an image URL (like some pretty pic from Pinterest) and then you'll get the color codes. Awesome!

5. Only 2 shifts left!

I've been working part-time in a supermarket for the last 4 yours. Next week I'll have my two last shifts. I'm happy :) 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer Inspiration

I think sunflowers are majestic flowers. So big but still so pretty. This beauty decided to live in my garden. She's huge.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear reader! Next week will be full of amazing giveaways :)

A Blog Challenge

I'm also linking up with Finding Beauty

This Darling Day

The unfriendly Marseille

According to Condé Nast Traveler magazine, Marseille is the fifth unfriendliest city in the world. 

We stayed in Marseille couple nights during our honeymoon. I have to agree; we met one of the rudest people there. But it was a beautiful city.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer

Couple years ago my mom told me that she has a breast cancer. Luckily the tumor was small when it was noticed and there were no metastases. Though the doctors told her, she was going to be fine, it was a tough period in our lives. 

That period has thought me a lot. Here are some of those life lessons.

1. Don't escape the reality. Face the uncomfortable and scary reality. Face and accept the fear. Don't hide and run away. Don't try to make it go away by filling your life with things. Feelings of sadness and anger are natural.

2. Turn to God. A great thing about having a relationship with our Heavenly Father is that you don't have to fake with him. You can be angry and throw a tantrum. He gives you comfort, the kind that can't be found in this world. I have learned that we except God to take away our mortality. We get upset when this does not happen. Well, he has given us an eternal life; leaving this earth is just a beginning.

3. Be supportive. It is scary for you but it's even scarier to actually be the on who is diagnosed. Give her/him space when she needs it but also be there when needed. Ask what she/he needs and wants. Don't assume, ask.

4. Be patient. Test results might take time. Treatments might take time. 

5. Tell people what's going on. I believe the worst thing you can do is to keep it as a secret. I experienced wonderful support from the people I told about my mom. Especially my boss (who couple years later passed away from cancer) was truly amazing. She made sure I was able to spend time with my mom before her treatments started. By telling people, you don't have to fake to be happy all the time. They'll understand if you're quiet or sad.

Have you faced a cancer of a loved one? How did you handle it?

Simple Moments Stick

DIY & crafts music

Some of my favs :)

What is your kind of DIY/craft music?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Just a little sneak peek!

Buy a sidebar ad HERE to co-host a Birthday Extravaganza giveaway. Other options HERE.

5 Random Things

1. Summer, don't go away!

I've been feeling little sad, because the heath wave has left Finland. I had to wear a sweater today. Summer, I need you to stay with me, FOREVER.

2. My Birthday Extravaganza is here soon!

I'm super duper excited about this! If you want more info, go HERE. There will be a giveaway everyday during August 25th-29th. If you'd like to be part of it (aka get more exposure) there are still spots open. Email me and let's make it happen!

3. Have you read Ashley's latest?

Lovely Ashley wrote about something, I think we all struggle with.  How To Deal: Not Sweating The Small Stuff

4. No more energy drinks

I drink way too many cans of energy drinks. It's not healthy. I've decided to stop buying them. Let's see how long I can "survive" with out my coffee "substitute".

5. I sew you!

I've been sewing! I sew a kitchen/dining room panel curtain and a pillow case. Now I would loooooove to sew a skirt. I'm not sure if I could manage it, but I'd love to try.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hey bloggers and readers: BIG Bday NEWS!

I'm turning 26 this month. I want to celebrate my birthday with you my fellow  bloggers and dear readers. There will be a thing called Birthday Extravaganza from August 25th to 29th. This means there'll be a giveaway each day!

For bloggers, Etsy shop owners, writers etc.

If you'd like be part of the Birthday Extravaganza, aka get more exposure, there are several options:

1. Buy a sidebar ad. (You get to choose one Rafflecopter option, e.g. "follow" or "comment")

2. Donate a prize. (Email me to get more info. Rafflecopter option depend on the value of the prize.

Shoot me an email if you'd like to participate or get more information:

Sunday, August 10, 2014

1. What makes a good blog?

Ashley, from That Southern Mama, has posted an interesting post: Why I Return To Your Blog. Great points!

2. Oh, how I'd love to have a teepee in my garden!

3. I love musicals!

If I was so lucky to live in New York, I would see EVERY SINGLE MUSICAL on Broadway. Here are couple a-mazing shows!

4. Pretty dresses 

My sister's wedding is in September and I need to find a dress. What do you think about these?

1st & 2nd from HERE. 3rd & 4th from HERE.

5. Making a difference is EASY!

You probably know how to use a mouse. HERE you can use that skill and make a difference. With a simple click, you can help a child in need, victims of violence and many other causes.

Friday, August 8, 2014

1. If you can't be happy on your own, you can't be happy with a man.  

2. Love is not a feeling. It's action, hard work and sometimes you don't feel like it.

3. Know your worth. You are a daughter of a Heavenly Father. You deserve to be loved and treated like a princess.

4. Don't try to change him. Change yourself.

5. Give him space. Sometimes he needs that.

6. Don't expect him to read your mind or read between the lines. 

7. Honor him. Make him know that you value him and respect him.

8. Chick lit/flick romantic heroes are written by women. 

9. Speak kindly of him. Never be unfair, mean or a b*tch when you speak about him.

10. Always apologize. Always forgive.

What would you like to teach your daughter about love?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Book Suggestion - A Lady In France

If you're wondering what to read next, I have a suggestion:

Why you should read it

A Lady In France is a book about journey through many things: countries, cultures, faith, depression and other struggles. In the end there's hope, healing. 

You should read it, because of hope and encouragement. Also, if you like foreign countries and cultures, it's a great book! It's beautiful and capitative. A well written book! 


"At seventeen, Jennie Goutet has a dream that she will one day marry a French man and sets off to Avignon in search of him. Though her dream eludes her, she lives boldly-teaching in Asia, studying in Paris, working and traveling for an advertising firm in New York.
When God calls her, she answers reluctantly, and must first come to grips with depression, crippling loss, and addiction before being restored. Serendipity takes her by the hand as she marries her French husband, works with him in a humanitarian effort in East Africa, before settling down in France and building a family.
Told with honesty and strength, A Lady in France is a brave, heart- stopping story of love, grief, faith, depression, sunshine piercing the gray clouds-and hope that stays in your heart long after it's finished." Barnes & Noble

Find Jennie's blog HERE. (Jennie asked me to read her memoir and write this post)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

1. How come asbestos is still used in many countries?

It's dangerous. Once the asbestos fibers get into your body, they will never leave. Like never. And they can cause cancer, like Mesothelioma.  Luckily, here in Finland, it is forbidden to use asbestos. But that is not the case in the US, for example. Asbestos can be found in many homes, schools, commercial buildings, ships etc. I just don't get it, because no amount of exposure is safe. 

2. What should I do after graduation?

I'd like to get a job as a guidance counselor, but it's unlikely here in our current hometown. I've been thinking about starting a private day care business. The income wouldn't be great but it's better than being unemployed. 

3. I love this delicious soup!

4. Oh, how I wish I could paint.

5. This made me laugh. Tim is the best!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Kid's rooms - Summer Inspiration

Some more pics from the Housing Fair. Part 1 HERE.

A perfect room for an active fella!

Another tipi. I loooooove that rug.

Cutie pie colors!

Who wouldn't want a pink oven?

Sorry about the quality of this pic. That wallpaper was so much fun,  I just had to post it :)

It's blurry, I know, but that room was so unique. Look at those birdhouses!

From my hubby's iPhone.