Monday, June 30, 2014

A Giveaway: Pulling Back the Shades

Yesterday I wrote about why women love erotica novels and promised you a giveaway.

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Why women love erotica novels?

I bought a book couple weeks ago. It seemed interesting. The cover was cute. I started reading it. A shock. It was pure porn. 

I had no idea I had bought an erotic novel. I put the book away. I'm not going to lie, I was tempted to read it, but a part of me felt that it was corrupting my views of sex. Sex is a beautiful thing but this book made it appear like a power struggle.

By Cas Cornelissen

I started to think why women like erotic novels. A huge help was Dannah Gresh and Dr. Juli Slattery's brilliant book, Pulling Back the Shades: Erotica, Intimacy, and the Longings of a Woman's Heart

I find it quite strange, that women get turned on by a male character who is controlling, abusive, moody and objectifying a woman. I know not all erotic novels have a male characters like that, but most popular erotic novels do. What does it say about women, who claim to be equal and demand equality in our societies? But still... it's sexy to have a man who says "You are mine" like he owns her. Strange.

Gresh and Slattery (17) suggest that successful erotica uses skillfully female longings: to escape reality, to be cherished by a man, to be protected by a strong man, to rescue a man and to be sexually alive. Erotic novels twist these (sometimes unconscious) longings. A strong man turns into a controlling alpha male. He controls a woman and she loves it. Though the reader would never want a relationship like that, she'll find the characters and the story very... well... sexy.

Why women love erotic novels? Because erotica exploits female longings. 

About the book 

I was asked to review Pulling Back the Shades. I honestly think every Christian woman should read it. Sexuality is such a big part of our lives, so it's important to talk about it. Sexuality is more than what Hollywood, books and the society is telling us. Pulling Back the Shades talks about it (and erotica) in a straightforward way. There's no need to hide in the shades of grey and feel ashamed. This book helps you to see things in a new light. I'm glad I read it!  

If you'd like to win a copy, come back tomorrow!

Simple Moments Stick

Monday, June 23, 2014

My Summer Bucket List

This is a Blog Challenge post:

A Blog Challenge

1. Try new recipes

I'm one of those people who have a love-hate relationship with cooking and baking. I can easily go several days without a proper hot meal if I don't feel like cooking (I know it's not healthy). But then there are nights when I might be up at 1AM baking something.

This summer I'd love to try new recipes (and I probably will... at 1PM). I think one thing I just HAVE to try is Mary's Oreo Balls. They look so yummy!

2. Run, run and run

My goal is to be able to run 10km. I am a terrible runner. I quit too easily and I think I've never run more than 4km. Last fall I jogged quite a lot, and I was in better shape because of Zumba, but I'm back being a lazy couch potato. Blah!

3. Renovate

I'd like to renovate our apartment a bit more. I have (too) many ideas. Here is some inspiration from Pinterest.

4. Be part of the Restaurant Day

I love the idea of the the Restaurant Day. We've been thinking about setting up our own pop-up restaurant with my mom. We would serve Thai food and delicious desserts.

5. Read 

I have several books I want to read this summer. I'm totally obsessed with Philippa Gregory's historical novels. I bought The White Princess after watching The White Queen. Now I have two more novels from her waiting on my bookshelve. I also have couple books to review (book giveaways too!). 

If you'd like to order my Giveaway alert email (absolutely no spam), leave your email below.

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6. Wedding planning 

As I've written, my big sis is getting married in September. I love to be part of the planning and making the wedding happen. Check out my Wedding ideas on Pinterest.

7. Road trip 

I want to visit friends and family around the country. I would also love to go to the Housing Fair.

"Housing Fair showcases the ongoing and future trends in housing industry - architecture, building, materials, interior design, furnishing, landscaping."

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A Bit Like Taj Mahal - Neilson Hays Library

Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal in memory of his wife. 

I visited a beautiful library in Bangkok last week. It was a bit like Taj Mahal, but not because of its size or style. It was built in a memory of a wife. 

 I loved the athmospere in this small library. The neo-classical building has witnessed interesting historical events, like 2nd World War (Japanese troops used it for billeting troops). Now it stands proudly in the middle of a modern and fast-paced metropolis. 

Unfortunately it was forbidden to take photos inside, but below you can see other people's pics.

Borrowed from HERE

Borrowed from HERE

If you're in BKK, I recommend visiting Neilson Hays Library. It's about a 15 minute walk from Chong Nonsi BTS station. It might be hot, but worth it! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Koh Tao

I am sitting in a cute cafe near the pier. I've spent couple days in a paradise: Koh Tao. It's been wonderful. Turquoise water, corals, Finding Nemo fish, palm trees... 

The pic above is from the Koh Samui - Koh Tao ferry.

This was our breakfast view.

We stayed in Sensi Paradise Beach Resort. I love the atmosphere of sleeping under mosquito net.

My hubby got 5 stitches, because he cut his foot on a ship wreck under water. Luckily we had good books and a great hotel, so the holiday wasn't ruined. We'll leave this paradise in couple hours, but we'll come back. Definitely. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

1. Master Blaster (Jammin') - Stevie Wonder

2. The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson

3. Remedy - Jason Mraz

4. Paper Doll - John Mayer

5. Sunrise - Norah Jones

6. Mama - Christopher

7. Doo Wop - Lauren Hill

8. Mirame bailar - Kenny G with Barbara Munoz

9. What Makes You Beautiful - The Piano Guys

10. Brighter Day - Kirk Franklin

What are your favorite summertime songs? Leave a link below!

A Blog Challenge

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Still by Eniola Prentice

I was honored when this beautiful lady asked me to read her new novel and write about it here on my blog. (There's a giveaway below!) Her name is Eniola and her writing style is superb. But here's a bit more about Eniola...

Author Bio
Eniola Prentice was born in Lagos Nigeria where she began to pen her stories as early as nine years old, inspired by an eclectic group of writers. Her budding writing career was put in the back burner as she pursued her dream of becoming a medical doctor, completing her undergraduate degree in Chicago, Illinois and her medical degree in Washington, DC. However in the third year of medical school inspired by the holy spirit or the voices in her head (she would prefer to blame God for this one) and the unique and inspiring stories of friends that became her family in medical school she began to write her debut novel and series, Still. She hopes that her writing compels challenges, inspires people and draws people to the Christian God’s redeeming love. You can connect with her by visiting

A broken soul,
an alcoholic,
a certifiable genius,
a Christian man
and a secret that will destroy the bonds of their friendship.

When self-proclaimed atheist Fadesola, gets into medical school she believes that it’s a fresh start of sorts for her. Until she discovers  her class mate is charming and handsome Tayo Smith, a man she encountered in a violent moment years ago. This revelation shatters Fadesola’s already fragile emotional state but hope comes where she least expects it. A seemingly innocent friendship with Tayo’s friend, Ladi, slowly develops into a smoldering relationship with both afraid to acknowledge their mutual feelings. Things get even more complicated when Nikky, Fadesola’s classmate and friend, ignores her desperate warnings and decides that Tayo is the man she is meant to be with. However, within the complexities of this friendship these flawed individuals will experience God’s redemptive grace in a setting each believed his love would never find them. Still, the first book of a four part series is a coming of age story about navigating through medical school in the first year, complete with hilarious hook ups and breaks ups, legendary parties and incessant studying, and experiencing the triumph of success and disappointment of failure.
Eniola Prentice, in her extraordinary debut novel has written a gripping and thought provoking story that examines Christianity, mental illness, suicide and alcoholism.

What I enjoyed most about this book was the characters. From the very first pages, the reader gets to know them: their struggles, families and who they are as persons. I bet, every reader can identify with at least one of them. Eniola has done amazing job writing her characters; they feel realistic and deep.

It was also nice to read about medical school. I don't have the intelligence needed, but I still sometimes day dream about being a doctor. I also loved that Still dealt with difficult issues, but still it was easy and fast to read. It made me think and feel but it also entertained me.

I warmly recommend this book if you like romance fiction WITH BRAIN (plus, there's a nice international flavor.

Still is a perfect book for you to read this summer!

You can find Eniola here:

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