Monday, June 23, 2014

My Summer Bucket List

This is a Blog Challenge post:

A Blog Challenge

1. Try new recipes

I'm one of those people who have a love-hate relationship with cooking and baking. I can easily go several days without a proper hot meal if I don't feel like cooking (I know it's not healthy). But then there are nights when I might be up at 1AM baking something.

This summer I'd love to try new recipes (and I probably will... at 1PM). I think one thing I just HAVE to try is Mary's Oreo Balls. They look so yummy!

2. Run, run and run

My goal is to be able to run 10km. I am a terrible runner. I quit too easily and I think I've never run more than 4km. Last fall I jogged quite a lot, and I was in better shape because of Zumba, but I'm back being a lazy couch potato. Blah!

3. Renovate

I'd like to renovate our apartment a bit more. I have (too) many ideas. Here is some inspiration from Pinterest.

4. Be part of the Restaurant Day

I love the idea of the the Restaurant Day. We've been thinking about setting up our own pop-up restaurant with my mom. We would serve Thai food and delicious desserts.

5. Read 

I have several books I want to read this summer. I'm totally obsessed with Philippa Gregory's historical novels. I bought The White Princess after watching The White Queen. Now I have two more novels from her waiting on my bookshelve. I also have couple books to review (book giveaways too!). 

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6. Wedding planning 

As I've written, my big sis is getting married in September. I love to be part of the planning and making the wedding happen. Check out my Wedding ideas on Pinterest.

7. Road trip 

I want to visit friends and family around the country. I would also love to go to the Housing Fair.

"Housing Fair showcases the ongoing and future trends in housing industry - architecture, building, materials, interior design, furnishing, landscaping."

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  1. here's my link

    trying new recipes sounds like a great one. I love trying new things. let me know what you find.


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