Thursday, December 20, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Koh Samet

We spent couple days in an island called Koh Samet, which is in the Eastern coast of Thailand.

We stayed at the Sawasdee Coco resort, right at the beach. The hotel was ok, but the rooms (bungalows) were quite small though. Other guests were mainly Thais, which was a bit surprising because the island was full of Russian tourists.

I wouldn't reccommend Koh Samet if you're looking for a quite beach paradise. At least during December, it is filled with Russian sun bathers. But if you don't mind having hundreds of people around, in very revealing bikinis or topless, Samet is a place for you. 

Great things about Koh Samet are that you can get there relatively easy and fast, plus there are things to do even after the sun has gone down. I got the best head and shoulder massage there. 

Our bungalow

He sells Roti. Roti is a Thai muslim pancake. YUM!

 Not the only one

A boat trip around the island

I love sunsets

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hot Bangkok Christmas

This year we're spending the Christmas in Bangkok, Thailand, in my parents place. So we are not dreaming of the white Christmas. 

Last Saturday our plane landed and since then we've been running around the city, though I've been on antibiotics. I loooooove this city! It's hot, dirty and polluted, but it's full of life.

Here's something I've bought (so far)

I've been looking for a scarf with these colors, so I had to buy it though it was bit expensive. 290 bahts.

I'm not 100% sure what these are. My guess is a seedcase. But these will look awesome in a bowl on our coffee table.

Thai interior design magazines
Cool retro ads to our kitchen