Thursday, December 20, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Koh Samet

We spent couple days in an island called Koh Samet, which is in the Eastern coast of Thailand.

We stayed at the Sawasdee Coco resort, right at the beach. The hotel was ok, but the rooms (bungalows) were quite small though. Other guests were mainly Thais, which was a bit surprising because the island was full of Russian tourists.

I wouldn't reccommend Koh Samet if you're looking for a quite beach paradise. At least during December, it is filled with Russian sun bathers. But if you don't mind having hundreds of people around, in very revealing bikinis or topless, Samet is a place for you. 

Great things about Koh Samet are that you can get there relatively easy and fast, plus there are things to do even after the sun has gone down. I got the best head and shoulder massage there. 

Our bungalow

He sells Roti. Roti is a Thai muslim pancake. YUM!

 Not the only one

A boat trip around the island

I love sunsets

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hot Bangkok Christmas

This year we're spending the Christmas in Bangkok, Thailand, in my parents place. So we are not dreaming of the white Christmas. 

Last Saturday our plane landed and since then we've been running around the city, though I've been on antibiotics. I loooooove this city! It's hot, dirty and polluted, but it's full of life.

Here's something I've bought (so far)

I've been looking for a scarf with these colors, so I had to buy it though it was bit expensive. 290 bahts.

I'm not 100% sure what these are. My guess is a seedcase. But these will look awesome in a bowl on our coffee table.

Thai interior design magazines
Cool retro ads to our kitchen


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rowan Berry Projects

We have Rowan trees in our yard, so (for the first time in my life) I decided to do something with the beautiful bitter berries.

First I picked the berries.

Then I froze them, so they became less bitter. I kept them in the freezer for 24 hours.

After this I boiled the berries so the parasorbic acid (which is a big No-No) turned into harmless sorbic acid.

Next step was to strain the water off. You can see how the berries changed color.

The fourth step was BLENDER!  But before that I added some real vanilla, sugar and apples to get the perfect flavour.

Here's the result:

Perfect with chocolaty things, Chèvre-cheese and even with some meat dish, like lamb.

Below, you can see 4 reasons to eat rowen berries:

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Labrador logic

I am a happy owner of the funniest and cutest dog, Tilli the labrador retriever. Though she might be the cutest thing ever....

... she can also push my buttons. She is a stubborn little bitch :) 

Tilli is 15 months old and during this year I've learned that never ever leave your shoes on the floor, if she's home alone. 

I've also learned something else... Labrador logic. 

Labrador logic

I'm bored : must destroy something (rip, scratch chew etc.)
 must dig a hole
 must sleep in weirdest positions
 must sleep fart

I really really need to pee : must find a perfect spot (it can take several minutes) 

I'm home alone : I'm soooooo lonely. I hate them!!! Why did they leave me!!!?? I must destroy something to show how much I hate them. (then fall asleep)

Owners coming home : must go insane! They're home! I LOOOOOOOVE them!
A small dog (like a terrier) passes me by : Oh no! She's going to kill me. She's evil. I'm so scared.

I'm waiting in a car : I'm not going to wait anymore! I'll chew the seatbelt.

After my owner sees the chewed seatbelt : I'm soooo sorry. I feel awful. I just can't trust myself anymore.

Food : Oh, please give it to me. I'll do anything. I'll do every single trick... What! I'm not going to lay down! 

"I'm not dead - just relaxing"

"Baby me!"

"This was either my old granny phase or taleban terrorist phase..."

"I'm smart. Food=mc2"




Monday, July 30, 2012

24/7 part 3

After the official part, it was time to celebrate. Here are some pics from the reception.


Centerpieces were made from old painted books, apples and apple tree leaves (from mom and dad's yard) 

This garden swing (made of old buffalo wagon) was a piece of Thailand. 

My late grandma congratulating us. I'm so happy she was there.

Then the food:

Different kinds of salads
Thai red curry with Yasmin rice
Tom Yum Shrimp soup
Wok vegetables
Karelian pies and bread rolls

And the dessert:

Bebe pastries
French Waffles, 
Strawberry and Raspberry Cheesecakes
 Dark chocolate lingonberry mousse cake


The wedding favors:

Wedding honey

The wedding surprise:

"Mom, you wanted me to sing at my wedding, and I said no, because it would be too emotional, but I have a surprise for you. I'm going to sing. Hope you'll like it."

Us performing Carrie Underwood's Mama's song. It was hard to sing because everyone was crying. It's such a beautiful song!

And so our life as a married couple started. I found my honey!