Sunday, August 24, 2014

5 Random Things

1. Why on earth I haven't seen this movie!?

How romantic! I need to see this :)

2. Can't wait!

My Birthday Extravaganza is next week! I'm suuuuper excited. Take a peek if you want to see one of the prizes: Only Printable Arts

3. Delicious

You don't have to understand a word, but the photos on this blog are just so yummy! 

4. The coolest thing ever - color palette generator

I think DeGraeve's color palette generator is so amazing. You just  add an image URL (like some pretty pic from Pinterest) and then you'll get the color codes. Awesome!

5. Only 2 shifts left!

I've been working part-time in a supermarket for the last 4 yours. Next week I'll have my two last shifts. I'm happy :) 

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