Friday, September 11, 2015

My must-have fall things

Scarves. When it gets chilly, I can't live without scarves. I have many, but I'm constantly looking for new ones. 

Jazz. There's nothing better than Renee Olstead's smooth voice when it's getting cold outside and the leaves are changing color. 

Candles. No explanations needed.

Hot Chocolate. American bloggers (yes I generalise) need pumpkin lattes. I don't. Fist of all, I hate coffee. Secondly pumpkin is not "a big deal" here in Finland. What I need, instead, is hot chocolate. With whipped cream. From a pretty mug.

Rubber boots. I love Hai rubber boots. They are perfect when you have to walk across puddles. I think I need the pretty mint green ones!

What about you? DO you have any must-have fall things?

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