Friday, September 18, 2015

30 before 30

My goals and dreams for the next 3 years. What do you think? Can I make these happen?

1. Become a mom

2. A road trip from San Jose to Vancouver

3. Learn to handstand

4. Run a half marathon

5. Learn to cook Indian food

6. Witness a miracle

7. Own solar panels

8. At least for 1 month, eat a warm meal everyday

9. Read the whole Bible

10. Own a Tolix chair(s)

11. Do at least 1 thing every year to help end poverty

12. Read 2 classics every year

13. Study more to be qualified to teach a third subject in school

14. Learn to sew a dress

15. Buy a beautiful painting 

16. See Wicked on Broadway

17. Learn to eat fish

18. Go to a big concert

19. Go to a ballet

20. Learn to play tennis

21. See what happens when I stretch twice a week for 2 months

22. Do the 30 Day Water Challenge every year

23. Donate blood at least once

24. Create a smash book

25. Choose a small independent shop, cafe, restaurant etc. over big  chains at least 10 times

26. Choose organic cosmetic products over "skin on cancer" products at least 10 times

27. Learn to make soap or candles

28. Donate my wedding dress (March 2016)

29. Manage to do at least 1 pull-up

30. Learn self-defense

Do you have a bucket list or dreams you'd like to come true before your next big birthday?