Thursday, April 24, 2014

Soul Keeping - review and giveaway

(I was asked to review this book and also given a chance to give a copy to one of my readers)

The soul is the key to our lives, binding our heart, our mind, and our spirit together---yet what is it, really? In Soul Keeping, John Ortberg takes a popular, story-filled approach to the subject of what our soul is and how we can care for it in a world which often forgets it exists in each one of us, waiting to be nurtured.

First of all,  I don't want to give away too much, because I believe this book needs to be read by you. If I would only tell you what it's about, you would miss something profound. 

What I liked about this book:

- I like Ortberg's style. He is a good writer. He explains things in simple and understandable way.
- It made me think. I have never really payed attention to things Soul Keeping deals with. 
- it was quick to read (only about 200 pages. I don't like long non-fiction books)
- I think the name was great

What I didn't like about this book:

- the cover. I love covers that are pretty and make me want to look at them with a delighted sigh. This cover is nothing special. 

What surprised me about this book:

- there weren't many bible verses. Sometimes I wondered if a certain thought was Ortberg's own or from the Bible.

I would recommend this book! It gives you new ideas and makes you see things in new ways. 

I would encourage you to question it, though. I'm not saying this is an unbiblical book. Instead, what I am saying is that, because Ortberg doesn't provide that many Bible verses to back up his thoughts, you should ponder them keeping in mind what the Bible says. 

And now.... The Giveaway!

Open worldwide. All entries will be verified, so please, no cheating. Good luck!

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  1. I like morbid fiction, or spiritual reads like this one!
    Awesome giveaway!!


  2. I'm interested in all types of books as long as they catch my eye I will try it out to read. If I had to choose I would say historial romance novels!

  3. I love historical romance novels too :) Good luck!

  4. Thank you for entering! Good luck!

  5. I read chick lit and romance most of the times. Sometimes, urban fantasy and paranormal are interesting, too.

  6. Fantasy novels, but throw a true story every now and then

  7. Good luck! Thanks for entering :)

  8. Mostly Urban Fantasy/Fantasy/Paranormal/Thriller. I always kind of avoid reading romance novel, just a little of it is enough for me. c:

  9. Thank you for stopping by! Good Luck!

  10. i had a espionage phase.....but,now.....basically,fantasy and sci-fi!!

  11. I love fantasy and romance and comedy books ^^

  12. Thanks for entering! Good luck!

  13. I like books about total change and healing (inner healing).


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