Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Maleficent - Movie Buff Sisterhood

Last week the Movie Buff Sisterhood watched Disney's Maleficent, which is a story of the bad guy (or gal) from Sleeping Beauty. It was lovely to experience my childhood memories again, because Sleeping Beauty was one of my favourite movies when I was a kid. Some of the scenes brought goosebumps, because those childhood dream-like scenes came to life. I think Angeline Jolie was brilliant and she looked stunning in her costumes.

But what about other Movie Buff sisters? Ashley and Claudia, any thoughts about the movie?

AshleyI'm just glad that they finally made a movie about the bad guy. We actually got to see the history of Maleficient and what actually made her bad. It's a very enjoyable movie! 

ClaudiaFirstly, the story line took me by surprise, it was not what I was expecting, BUT it entertained! The story line was believable and one that almost anyone can relate to; like, finding beauty and value in the sufferings inflicted by those we love and trust most, and resisting the urge to embrace our resentment and our unwillingness to forgive those people, because deep inside we know that embracing evil only lowers us to a dark level. 

The story line was deeply affecting and gripping in so many ways; needless to say, it posed some really good questions and focused on essential themes like: compassion, mercy, redemption, love, forgiveness, betrayal, loyalty.  I was fully engrossed and immediately engaged; I absolutely enjoyed it! 

What about Angelina Jolie? Did you like her?

ClaudiaGoodness yes! She did a fantastic job! She made me love this story line despite how far removed it is from Disney's story line. Also, I ended up discovering, after watching the film, that this film's plot line is in actuality the true origin story! In other words, what Disney fed us through our childhood in Sleeping Beauty was a modified version of the original folklore; my mind was blown to say the least. 

But more to Angelina! I truly felt like she reclaimed her pedestal. :)

AshleyYessss, I LOVE Angie! She's an amazing actress and every role she's in she takes over. 

Now that it's been Maleficent's turn, who's the next baddie that  deserves a movie of his/her own?

Ashley: I'll be open to any bad guy getting their own movie. Not every story has a happy ending so we should be able to see all of it! 

  • Captain James Hook
  • Ursula 
  • The Wicked Queen (Snow White)
  • The Queen of Hearts

I would love to see Ursula's story. Plus "under the sea" would make a great movie location ;D

Have you seen Maleficent yet? Did you like the movie and what about Angelina's performance?

Our next movie will be Gandhi (11/24), and Claudia will be hosting.

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