Saturday, November 8, 2014

How to be more ecofriendly - Part 1

1. Forget plastic shopping bags

Use reusable bags when shopping groceries and everything else. Make your own DIY tote or find pretty ones from Etsy.

2. Turn off electronic appliances when you don't use them

Avoid standby and pull the plug. You can also save some money by doing this!

3. Don't use your car

You can save gas by walking and cycling. It's also a great exercise.    Always choose a public transportation if possible.

4. Trains beat planes

Travel by train to reduce carbon dioxide. Planes might be faster, but trains usually stop at city centers and there can be wonderful views during your trip.

5. Become a vegetarian once a week

Read HERE about the huge impact of the Meatless Monday.

6. Keep your home in the right temperature

Avoid making you home too warm during winter. Use warm clothes and comfy slippers. Cooler temperature makes you sleep better.

7. Use your dishwasher only when it's full


9. Thrift stores

HERE you can find great thrift shop tips.  

10. Borrow, exchange and reuse

Do we really need to own so much?! 

Do you like to make ecofriendly choices? 


  1. Kyllä kiitos!:) Lajittelen jätteet ahkerasti, täällä meillähän suurin osa roskista menee energiajätteeseen, joka poltetaan voimalassa lämmöksi. Jos jaksaisi ja raaskisi hankkia biojäteastian, niin sekajätteen määrä olisi todella pieni. Lisäksi viemme paperit, pahvit, kartongit, lasit ja metallit jätepisteelle. Lämmön kanssakin on pakko olla tarkkana sähköllä lämpeävässä omakotitalossa. Kasvisruoka kerran viikossa voisi olla hyvä juttu ja pakko tunnustaa, että ruokaa menee kyllä roskikseen. Siinä voisi säästää pitkän pennin sekä luontoa, kun olisi tarkempi jääkaapin sisällön käyttämisestä...

  2. Stephanie @ Life, UnexpectedlyNovember 9, 2014 at 1:45 AM

    In Germany, one has to pay for the plastic bags at the grocery store, so many people actually use reusable bags or baskets. If I get plastic bags at department stores, I use them as trash can liners instead of buying plastic trash bags at the store (saves money and resources). I agree on leaving the car and either walk/cycle or use public transport. I much prefer taking the bus to work because I can read or knit on my way to work instead of dealing with traffic.

  3. We also have to pay for the plastic bags in Finland at the grocery stores. With regard to plastic bags, I actually have the same principles as Stephanie. We don't have a dish washer, we burn all that's possible with the firewood at our heat-storing soapstone fireplace to keep the house warm enough, and recycle almost everything else. But, we have to have two cars and to use them, as we live so deep "in the woods" at the countryside... :(


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