Monday, October 27, 2014

5 Random Things

1. Oh Disney!

This weekend I watch Beauty and the Beast because of the Movie Buff Sisterhood. It was lovely to go back to my childhood memories! It was also great to watch it in English because I've only seen the Finnish version. Both are amazing! Tomorrow I'll tell you what my we thought about the movie with my Movie Buff Sisterhood sisters Ashley and Claudia.

2. Little kids are precious and funny

I was teaching my sunday school class today and I asked the kids did they remember what happened in the Old Testament. One of them said: "You were there!" I'm not that old yet :)

3. Love these! 

4. I can't wait! 

So many wonderful bloggers have already become part of the Strong & Influential Sisterhood. Cool! 

5.  I want this jacket

I love Roxy clothes and this jacket would be perfect for me. That pattern is so cool! I just sold my old winter jacket in a flee market (I can't believe someone bought it! It was so old), and now I desperately need a new one. It's already really cold here in Finland. 


My blog mentor: 

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  1. Hih, lapset ovat hauskoja! Eikä niillä ole käsitystä ajasta...tai aika monesta muustakaan asiasta vielä.;)

  2. Ne on ihania ja välilä on naurussa pitelemistä kun kuuntlee niitten juttuja :D


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