Saturday, April 16, 2016

Songs that bring joy

I wrote in my earlier post, 10 song that make me cry, that music has a strong effect on me. This time I'm going to list songs that make me happy. I hope they could uplift you if you're feeling down.

Songs that make me happy, happy songs

I love the message of this song! We all should have that big realisation, that we are masterpieces - beautifully made.   

2. Master Blaster (Jammin') by Stevie Wonder

It's impossible not to dance when I hear this song. 

3. September by Kirk Franklin (original by Earth, Wind & Fire)

There's hope! There's a silver lining.

4. Girl In A Country Song

This is such a girl power song!

5. Right In Front Of You by Anna Abreu

This song reminds me that right now is good. 

6.  Kärleksvisan by Sarah Dawn Finer

This song is also in English but the lyrics are not as lovely as in the Swedish version. This song is a true love song. A promise song. "Because I love you, just as you are..."

7. How Can I Keep from Singing by Audrey Assad or Celtic Women

Because I have hope, how can I keep from singing?

8.  Songbird by Eva Cassidy

I have to say,  Eva Cassidy's all songs are divine. But Songbird speaks about love in such a lovely way.

9.  Don't Stop Me Now by Queen

If I'm feeling tired I put this song on and start to dance like a crazy woman. It works!

10. Diggin' On James Brown by Tower Of Power

This is another crazy-dance song!

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