Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Cleaning Inspiration - Plus a giveaway

Spring. Oh, I just love you so much! It means winter is finally over. Spring seems to give an extra spark of inspiration every time. This year I'm exited about decluttering. It might have something to do with a book I got to review (and host a giveaway, YAY!)

There's something satisfying in decluttering, don't you think. 

Decluttering books are pretty trendy right now, so before I started reading Ruth Soukup's Unstuffed: Decluttering your home, mind & soul, I wondered what new could it offer to this genre. There has to be something special about this book, because it's a best-seller (in Christian Personal Growth section) on Amazon! And there was.

Unstuffed thoughts

I like how Ruth writes from a holistic (a fancy word) point of view. Decluttering is not just getting rid of stuff - it's getting rid of things, thoughts and habits that affect our well-being. My favorite part was reflecting what kind of vision I have for my home and the Unstuffed weekend challenge. I'm a challenge person, what can I say.

Unstuffed quotes

"First, it's important to choose long-term values over short-term bargains. --How will this item enrich my life over the next year, five years, or ten years?" 

"If you don't love something or if it doesn't bring joy or value to your home, don't let it stay." 

Unstuffed inspiration

1. I want to get my digital world unstuffed too
2. I'm going to change the way I shop. 
3. Decluttering is a holistic way of life

The Giveaway

I'm happy to say, one of my readers can win her (or his) own copy! Enter below. (International giveaway) 

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