Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Are you the ONE?

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I am looking for people who would like to work with me. 


During January and February ads cost just 1$ when you use a discount code Hello2014. Get your ad on my blog HERE.

Write a guest post(s)?

I would love to have guest writers on my blog! A great thing about guest posting on i am Mrs K is that you'll get a free ad spot for a month! Plus new readers (and, fingers crossed, new followers) 

Currently I'd love to publish DIY, traveling  and faith related guest posts. If you think you could write about these topics (or about something else) DON'T BE SHY! Email me:

Co-host my monthly Blog Challenge?

Co-hosting is easy! I would send you the html code and all you have to do is: paste it on your blog :) EASY! You could also (but only if you want to) plan the topic(s). Email me if you are interested or want more info: 

Be part of Extremely Loverly  Things posts?

You can send me a pic of something you find "loverly". Remember copyrights! The pic has to be your own and if you choose to send it to my, you give your permission to post it on my blog.

Email your Extremely Loverly pic(s) ( I can also post a link to your blog with you pic. 

Current Extremely Loverly themes:

A cozy spot
True beauty


  1. that's so awesome! hope you get some good partners! :)

  2. I got Harlynn so I'll have at least 1 amazing partner :)


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