Sunday, January 12, 2014

When I felt like a princess

There have been 3 days in my life when I have felt like a princess. 

The first princess day (age 17)

In Finnish high schools we celebrate Wanhojenpäivä (Read more HERE). During that day the new seniors dance old-fashioned dances, like Polonaise and Viennese Waltz. The tradition is to wear old-fashioned ball gowns, but nowadays dresses are more like prom/evening dresses. My friend wrote about this change in her blog. It's in Finnish but the main things are the pics :)

The second princess day (age 18)

I graduated from high school 2007. I had bought my dress from Singapore and it was white because (I know this sounds funny) Princess Madeleine's graduation dress was white. Let me explain: When I was a little girl I saw a picture of Sweden's Princess Madeleine in her graduation dress and I decided that when I graduate I want a white dress too, because the graduation cap looks good with a white dress. :)

The third princess day AKA the biggest day of my life (age 21, but i turned 22 next month)

More from our wedding HERE, HERE and HERE.

Have you felt like a princess?


  1. Aww, lovely post. c:
    You look like a princess too!


  2. aww you are so so beautiful!! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, friend!! Love yours. it's so cute! #new follower


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