Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chick Flick Review: Dear John

"Tatum plays a soldier home on leave (the John of the title), when he meets Savannah (Seyfried), a college student. The two may not have been looking for love, but love finds them anyway. Then the September 11 attacks happen, and John is torn between love for Savannah and duty to country. Because this is an adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel, there will be drama and heartbreak, and Dear John doesn't tread lightly in this emotional battlefield. But there's a delicacy in the performances, especially Seyfried's, which transcends the almost-cookie-cutter character outlines given to the actors. Also worthy of mention are supporting cast members Richard Jenkins (as John's quiet, autistic dad) and Henry Thomas (as Tim, a single dad who goes to nearly impossible lengths to avoid breaking the heart of his son). See Dear John with an open heart, and know that it will be deeply touched."


My thoughts:

I got this movie from my dad as a gift. He knows how much I love Nicholas Sparks (and he enjoys Sparks' books too). My dad had read the novel, and he said it was good.

I expected a lot from this movie, because of two reason. 

1. It is based on Nicholas Sparks' novel. 
2. The amazing Lasse Hallström directed it. 

I did like the beginning of the movie, I mean the first half of it. Especially the relationship between John and his autistic father was interesting. I think it was the best thing about this movie. I also enjoyed Seyfried's acting a lot. I think she is gorgeous. 


Unfortunately, I found the chemistry between her and Tatum a bit... Well, right away I noticed that they couldn't capture my heart like Gosling and McAdams did in The Notebook.

Source: Amazon

Unfortunately, the ending was weak. It felt like really important scenes were missing and the story wasn't making any sense. It left me asking: "Why?" and "Wait a minute, what happened?". I hope they had paid more attention to the ending. They should have explained  better why Savannah did what she did. 

I was disappointed, because this movie had such a potential. It could have been LOVELY, but it turned out to be just fine.

I'll give it 2 hearts. 5 is the best.

Have you seen Dear John? Did you like it?

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