Monday, September 1, 2014

How you can make me love your blog

This post was inspired by Ashley from That Southern Mama. She writes:  Why I Return To Your Blog?

1. Your blog design

Your blog design is the biggest thing for me. I love if your blog is simple, unique and stylish. 

I want to find posts easily! 

2. Feeling included

I don't like blogs that are public yet the blogger doesn't interact with all the readers. If you make me feel that you have a VIP readers then you will not make me fall in love with your blog. 

You can make me feel included by answering every comment and possible emails and by giving a new reader a chance to get to know you easy. 

3. Short yet thoughtful

I'm not going to lie, I love short posts. I often don't read long posts, I might skim them through. Short posts, that are written thoughtfully are amazing.

Thoughtfulness also means that your posts are not replicas of other bloggers' posts; your posts are unique. I don't like posts that you just "had to write" to have "at least 5 posts each week". If you don't have anything to say, don't post anything.

4. Photos, photos and photos!

I love blogs with beautiful photos. Don't use low quality photos. If you don't own a great camera, use pretty public domain/creative commons pics - and maybe edit them with Photoshop/Picmonkey.