Monday, September 29, 2014

5 Random Things

1. Chocolates are on their way

Couple days ago I wrote about receiving delicious chocolate from Canada. Now Finnish chocolate is on its way to Canada and USA. I hope Angela and Ashley will love their chocolaty gifts! Info about the Chocolate Sisterhood HERE.

2. Did you notice the new ad spot?

There's a new ad spot in my footer! Check it out :)

3. White chocolate brownies

Yummy! I made THESE today. A fabulous recipe! 

4. Grease lighting!

I am a huge fan of musicals. Needles to say, I was pretty excited that our Movie Buff Sisterhood movie was Grease. Check out Ashley's blog on Monday to read about our thoughts. 

5. NHL season starts soon!

I loooove ice hockey. My favorite team is Pittsburgh Penguins. Do you support a sport team? My sponsor Kelly, is a Saints fan. I got to admit, though I don't follow (American) football, their chant is pretty cool. 

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