Friday, March 27, 2015

i am Mrs K

1. Giveaway reminder

You still have time to enter my book giveaway HERE. It's a low entry giveaway so your chances to win are great!

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2. The plane crash

The tragic plane crash, which lead to death of 150 people, has shocked us this week. I pray for the families who have lost their loved ones.

3. Lovely posts

4. Spring sale!

Get your blog or business ad under my every post for 2$! Code is SpringSale. You can buy this super cheap ad during March, April and May.

5. Tilli the traveling dog

It's fun to travel by train with my chocolate labrador. She loves her fellow passengers and farts ALL THE TIME.

Chocolate labrador retriever


  1. Tillie!! So cute. Yes, that plane crash was horrific.

  2. Tilli is the sweetest little lady :) She also has a sense of humour which is awesome :D

    The plane crash was awful. It's heart breaking to read the news :(

  3. The plane crash has affected us in the US too; it's so tragic. I love that you shared the Journaling Prompts! I love journaling <3

  4. I just bought a lovely new journal :)


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