Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lovely Comments - Top 5

I'm not going to lie, I absolutely love getting comments! Here are my top 5 comments (in no specific order) from my lovely readers. Thank you for your thoughtfulness! 

1. Jessica's comment on Why I blog:

You are a very talented writer! I love reading here. :) SO glad that you blog!!
Hope you are having a great start to the week,

2. Kiki's comment on A letter to my past self

Ooh, the last sentence really hit me (well, your whole letter did, really!). :) Reminding myself to be fear-free and to see my value are two things that I struggle with more often than not. Thanks for reminding me of these truths and for linking up! :)

3. Susanne's comment on Enjoy your small blog

I love small blogs!! I usually think that "big" blogs are boring, because most of them have become like advertising websites. And I like how "smaller" bloggers connect with each other. 

I don't listen to blogging rules. They are so generalised and always aimed at money-making blogs. 

I especially agree with the "people follow because they want to" thing. You really nailed it there. On a smaller blog you (usually) have READERS, not followers. I think the "followers" hunt hysteria has become too much and I think people have lost the point with blogging.

I love this post. Having a daughter & another on the way sure does make you think a lot. I want to teach her to be an amazing girl/woman. I also want to be the example that helps lead her in the right direction. <3

5. Ladonna's comment on 5 Random Things (you need to read our whole conversation to get the point) 

Ha Ha! That sounds like me. Okay, no more emails. Get back to work!


  1. Awe, Love the mention. & love that you loved the comment! :P

  2. Awwww... Isn't it just the sweetest to get great comments??? :-)

  3. It is absolutely amazing :) Makes my day!

  4. Thank you :) It was a lovely comment!


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