Friday, February 20, 2015

How to be more ecofriendly - Part 2

Check out part 1 to find more eco-friendly ideas. Also, share your own tips below!

11. Learn to drive economically

If you have to use a car, make sure you know how to drive in a way that saves fuel as much as possible. 

12. Don't use disposable stuff 

13. Water your plants with rain water

If you have a garden, try to collect rain water in big buckets etc.

14. Short showers

I use to much water, because I love looong hot showers. But lately I've tried to change this, because it's ridiculous to waste that much water. I also read that it's better for your skin to take short showers. Tips for taking a shorter shower.

15. Find good companies 

Try to only buy products from responsible companies that care about the environmental issues.

16. Use eco-friendly cosmetics

Forget "cancer-on-skin" products: it's better for your own health and for the environment.

17. Make your own cosmetics

Get ideas and instructions from Pinterest. Making your own cosmetics is fun and eco-friendly.

18. Cloth diapers

It's shocking how much disposable diapers affect our environment. (Read more HERE) If possible, use cloth diapers. 

19. Stop using the dryer

It only takes couple minutes to hang your clothes on a clothesline or laundry rack. Why you should do this? Read HERE

20. Reduce your food waste

29 tips to reduce food waste

Want more ideas? Read Giustina's tips!

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  1. I do make my own hair oil with shea butter and the oils they sell at a place called Whole Foods.

  2. That sounds awesome! I love to use coconut oil :)

  3. Taina K/ Mansikkatilan maillaFebruary 20, 2015 at 7:47 PM

    Hyviä vinkkejä ja muistutuksia jälleen!:) Meillä on seurattu vedenkulutusta kuukausittain jo vuosia: Aika usein se, että seuraa kulutusta (veden, rahan, bensan, sähkön yms.), saa lukemat pienemmiksi.:D

  4. Ja parasta on, että siinä säästää rahaakin ;D


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