Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Book Review - The Passion Translation

I received The Psalms: Poetry on Fire (The Passion Translation) and John: Eternal Love (The Passion Translation) to read and write about. This is the first time I don't strongly recommend the book I've received to review. 

The Passion Translation Bible is a bit different from other translations. 

1. Different Bible books are literally different books, as seen in the pic above. I think that's great! Also the covers look great and the material feels wonderful. 

2. It's done by one man only. I personally feel this is is not a good thing. 

3. The goal of the man who did it (Brian Simmons) was to create Bible that speaks to our heart. So the goal was not to make a good accurate translation. I feel sad about that. 

If you choose to buy Passion Translation Bible books, I'd recommend to have a "good" translation as well. Good translation: aim to translate the original text without adding something to make it better.


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