Sunday, December 7, 2014

Celebrating my home country - Finland

You have no idea how long it took my to write that topic. It's hard to say "home" because I'm a TCK (third culture kid: I grow up abroad), but I consider Finland my home country - my other home country.

Anyways, today (or it's actually yesterday here in Finland) we celebrated Finnish Independence Day.

I decided to create a Pinterest board about Finland, so you can see what it's like here in this cold Nordic country. And just to be clear, no, we don't have polar bears walking on our streets. 

With the Movie Buff Sisterhood we watched a Finnish movie, Mother of Mine. Tomorrow I'll post more about it. It was fun to hear what my non-Finnish Movie Buff sisters thought about it.

Check out my friend's nail art! She celebrated our Independence Day by painting Northern Lights on her nails


  1. I cannot even begin to express how envious I am right now after seeing those shockingly beautiful pictures on your Pinterest board! I really really long to visit Finland one day :)

    Does the countryside truly look the way it did in the movie Mother of Mine? The movie seriously made me want to ride my bike :( So much tranquility and peace. . .it's as if you are much closer to Heaven because you are so close to the north of the globe!

    Happy Independence Day!

  2. If you ever decide to come, let me now! I can be your tour guide :)Mother of Mine was actually filmed in southern Sweden. In Finland we have forests and lakes :)

  3. Lakes & forests? Sounds like my little town, but I bet the hues of green are much more elegant in Finland :) I will take you up on that offer Minttu! <3

  4. I'm not sure about that elegance :D

  5. Well, I guess you just kind of get used to everything, nature etc. They are just normal things and you forget to see the "elegance" :) But I love spring in Finland! Everything is so fresh and light green :)


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