Friday, December 19, 2014

I really need you, Christmas!

It's been crazy 2 months. I'm pretty tired right now. I was suppose to graduate (finally) this month, but because I had to go to another town to do my practicum in November, it's not possible. 

I hope and pray I can finally call myself a qualified guidance counsellor in January or February. 

My busy schedule has affected this blog too. I guess, because of all the stress, I've lost a bit of my inspiration and creativity. I've been a bit sad about it because I love my blog. It even got so bad, that I had to read my own post: How to find things to write about.

That's why I need Christmas so badly. I need to rest and forget all the school stuff. I want to be inspired to blog again.

Have you ever experienced something similar? How did you overcome it?


  1. I pray this Christmas season brings you the rest you need!

  2. Thank you, dear Susannah! I hope your first Christmas with the little guy is magical :)

  3. I've been exhausted too with my new job the last 2 months. Happy but exhausted. To the point, that I actually quit blogging. Frankly, I don't even have time for that right now - and all the time I spent blogging after the hours at work was time not spent with my family. So I had to choose the most important. I can easily imagine what you're going through.

    I wish you peace and joy at Christmas time! Happy holidays :)

  4. Toivottavasti opiskelukiireet on nyt hetkeksi ohi ja saat rauhoittua joulun viettoon! Muistan kyllä opiskeluajoilta stressin, jonkakaltaista en ole kokenut työelämässä ollessani, oikeasti. Rauhallista ja rentouttavaa (sieltä se luovuus taas tulee) joulua Minttu, sekä voimia opiskelujen loppurutistukseen!<3

  5. I think blogging should never go before your family, so I understand why you decided to quit. I'm still sad, though. It was fun to read your blog :)

    I wish you a wonderful Christmas, too!


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