Friday, September 13, 2013

My first Zumba experience

Yesterday I was in a Zumba class, for the first time. I was really excited, because I've wanted to try it for couple years now.

Here's what I  naively expected...

...Rhythm, fun, laughing and a great exercise.

I only got a great exercise. I was sweating like a small pig. 

For a beginner like myself (and also the other ladies in the class), Zumba steps were really hard at first. Especially if you have trouble seeing the teacher. I felt that the teacher didn't spend enough time showing us the basics and explaining how a certain move is done. She showed it couple times and then moved on. 

It was quite frustrating, because I could see I was not doing the steps (etc.) right, but before I could learn them we were already doing another new move. 

I am pretty musical, but it was extremely hard to stay on tempo when you could only concentrate on your moves. 

What I loved about the class was how the time flew. This is great for everyone who doesn't like exercising (like me). I also got to wear my new bright yellow workout top. Yay!


I hope that after couple classes, I'll get a chance to enjoy the rhythm and have fun! 

Have you tried Zumba? What was your first experience like? 

P.S You can find the tops HERE.

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