Friday, May 20, 2016

5 Happy Moments In Life

1. The Mona Lisa Moment

One of my favorite songs is Masterpiece (Mona Lisa) by Jasmine Sullivan. I love how it illustrates one of the big moments in life. I'm talking about the moment we notice our own value; our ideas and thoughts are important. We are beautiful and precious.

2. The Manhattan Moment

My big dream was to see New York City. That dream came true when I was 20 (and 3 times after that). I remember coming out of a subway station and being surrounded by skyscrapers and yellow cabs. The view took my breath away. I'd been dreaming about New York, and now I was there. Your big Manhattan moment doesn't have to have anything to do with New York, but it's a moment when you get to experience something you've anticipated for a long long time. You realise you're surrounded by it. It's really happening.

3. The Marathon Moment

To experience a Marathon moment, you've had to work hard. You might feel tired and almost ready to quit, but something inside you gives you strength to carry on. And that realisation that you are working hard, pushing your limits and conquering yourself brings you joy. And when you finally cross that metaphorical finish line... Wow!

4. The Mandela Moment 

Mandela moments are my favorite happy moments. You experience them when you realise, that something you've said or done, had a positive impact on someone else's life. As a guidance counselor I get to experience these moments almost on a daily basis, and that's why I love my job.

5. The Monday Morning Moment 

Often there's nothing worse than a Monday morning. You feel tired and unmotivated to start your work week, but still you have to get your butt out of your bed and make things happen. But Monday morning moments don't necessarily have anything to do with actual Monday mornings. Instead you realise how thankful you are for things you have in your life. You see how lovely your home is - though it might be small or you budget doesn't allow you to paint the walls. Or you feel how nice it is to just to walk and hold hands with your husband instead of going to a fancy restaurant. Small everyday moments.

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