Monday, March 7, 2016

A lovely way to celebrate International Women's Day

As you may have noticed,  I am co-hosting the Lovely Letters snail mail program with lovely Claudia. Since I was on a vacation in Southeast Asia, I wasn't able to post this month's sign up post. That's why we decided to give you couple more days to join us! 

Lovely Letters is a perfect way to celebrate the International Women's Day! You'll get to meet and connect with a lady (maybe even from a totally different country) 

Welcome to Lovely Letters! A monthly bi-monthly snail mail pen pal program for bloggers hosted by Mintspiration and My Soul Called Life. That’s right! We made a slight change to the program. In short, we received some feedback from a few participants who participated in January’s exchange and it seems that 2-1/2 weeks is simply not enough time to get to know your pen pal partners. Minttu and I agree. So instead of giving you 2-1/2 weeks to get to know one another, we are extending the swap to 2 months instead. 
March thru April 2016 ♡ Lovely Letters Sign-ups
▷ Click here to sign-up for the March thru April 2016 Snail Mail Exchange ― remember sign ups will be open from the 1st thru the 5th the 10th and will close at midnight PST. 
▷ Pen Pal Pairings: On the 6th of March, you will receive an email letting you know who you have been paired with. Thereafter, you will spend the following 2 months getting to know your partner through blog stalking, social media, Skype, or however you like! 
▷ Connect with Your Partner: After receiving your pen pal’s contact information, you will have 2 days to connect with your partner.  If your partner does not contact you or respond within 2 days of being paired please email me so I can attempt to pair you with someone on the waiting list. Bear in mind that communication is key and is essential in establishing a fun-filled pen pal relationship. 
▷ Theme: This swap’s theme is {Invigorating & New} & the color theme is {Pastels}.
▷ Mail Your Lovely Letter Parcel: Your Lovely Letter parcel must be mailed via certified mail no later than the 25th of the April. Please note that because we want this program to be affordable and enjoyable for all participants there is a $7 limit. Here my Pinterest board to help give you some simple, yet meaningful ideas to encourage your pen pal and to make them feel extra special: 

February 2016 ♡ Lovely Letters Link-up Party
I truly hope that everyone who participated in February’s Lovely Letters Exchange had a wonderful time making new friends! If you would like to share your experience we highly encourage you to blog about it and thank your partner via social media using hashtag #LovelyLetters

  1. Link up a post about your Lovely Letters experience.
  2. Link back so others can join in. Feel free to use the button provided below.
  3. MOST IMPORTANTLY, comment on the blog linked up before you. This helps to create community. Feel free to give some comment love to the other bloggers as well.
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