Friday, March 21, 2014

I Heart Blogging

Last week I wrote about why I hate blogging. You can read my thoughts HERE and make sure to check out the comments, too. Today my take on blogging is a "bit" more positive. 

I asked my lovely sponsor, Robyn from Robyn's Nest, why she loves blogging. Here's what she got to say:

"I love processing life through words & pictures. I love documenting crafts & recipes. I love meeting new bloggers & birthing friendships with people I never would have known otherwise! I love that other bloggers share their lives & I love reading their thoughts!"

4 Reason why I love blogging

Couple other posts about blogging related stuff

What about you, why do you love blogging? Have you met interesting people or learned something new?


  1. Right now I'm not liking blogging so much. For various reasons. But then again sometimes I love it and sometimes I don't. One reason I do love blog is b/c of the ladies I've met and the good friends I have thru blog. I have at least 2 that I am sending snail mail to weekly which is fun. And it's fun to get things back. The support some of the bloggers give is amazing. Although I'm not pleased with some folks who just stop by and never leave a comment. makes no sense.

  2. I guess most readers don't want to create "blog relationships" by commenting or just don't have anything to say. But it is always amazing when someone comment :) Thank you Laney!

  3. makes no sense to me and Commenting is one of the things I love. :D And thank you girl. :D


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