Tuesday, February 18, 2014

This Year's Word

I just read Charity's thoughtful post about how she chose her word for the year. 

After reading her thoughts, I started to think which word I would choose for this year.

My word is Courage.

By Sylwia Bartyzel

By Romain Briaux

Big things are happening this year. I'll graduate from uni. I'll probably move to another city. And hopefully I'll get a job - a real job. Big changes. 

I am not afraid of changes. My whole life has been about changes because of my Third Culture Kid background.


There is something about stepping into new phase in life. I don't want to "loose myself". I want to be courageous to seek God's will in new situations - trusting that his wisdom goes beyond mine. I also want to have the courage to be me. 

2014, I choose courage

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  1. Awesome word and explanation!
    Changes can change a person that's for sure. Nobody said it's for the worse though. c:


  2. Courage - what a great word for the year!!! Thanks for linking up with the faith and fellowship blog hop! Let me know if you'd ever like to cohost!

  3. Thans for stopping by! I'd love to co-host! maybe you could email me the details: iammrskblog@gmail.com

  4. love this word for the year!!! :) here's to a courage-filled year!

  5. Courage is such a great word! It isn't the absence of fear, but rather going through with whatever it is even though there is fear there. Graduating and moving on with your life is a big change. Here's to going through it with courage!

  6. Thank you for comment! Well said!


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