Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lufthansa experience

This summer we travelled to Berlin, Germany with my hubby. We had a great time and I literally fell in love with the cityUnfortunately our flight home was a completely different story. 

(If you don't want to read the whole story, you can find the main points in a turquoise box) 

It wasn't a long flight, but we were served a complimentary snack and beverages. I thought it was great, because most airlines are trying to save every possible penny, and the first thing they do is quit serving free food and beverages.

So I was extremely grateful for the cottage cheese sandwich and a can of cola. I took the first bite. "Oh boy, this tastes weird." I took another bite. "This tastes awful!" I checked the sandwich and it took me by surprise what was inside it. The cottage cheese was covered with green spots, which turned out to be mould. "Yack!" 

The flight attendant was very apologetic and offered me another sandwich with ham inside. Well, I'm a vegetarian. 

When I got home I decided to write to Lufthansa, for two reasons:

1. I thought it was extremely bad service and the poor flight attendant had to serve bad quality food to customers. She had to take the blame for something that was absolutely not her fault.
2. They could accidentally serve those sandwiches to some other customers

Lufthansa answered me. Here's a part of their reply:

Ok, they are sorry. And they set high standard. This just didn't happen in my case. I guess I'm greedy but I was expecting for something more than just words, after the amazing service of Finnair and Cathay Pacific.

Superb Service

Last Christmas our Finnair flight was late about 2 hours and we missed our next flight. We had bought two separate tickets because it was cheaper. Finnair didn't have to do what they did (because our flights were in separate tickets): They gave us a free hotel accommodation, dinner and a flight home in the morning.

When I flew Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong to Singapore, for some reason there was no Lacto-Ovo vegetarian meal for me, though I had ordered it. They still somehow managed to serve me an Indian vegetarian meal, which was delicious. They also made sure I had a divine dessert, because they felt really bad about the whole thing.

That's what I call great service. More than words.

Do you have positive airline experiences? Or maybe some negative ones?  

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