Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ask yourself: why

This is the second 'Ask yourself' post. Last time I asked you what kind of person you would like be. I hope you wrote down your thoughts, and if you didn't, I recommend you'll do it before moving on to this new post.

Now you have a picture of an ideal you in your head. 

Chase Elliot Clark

Think about all those things that came to your mind. Now ponder each feature, quality, detail and idea. Ask yourself:

Why do I want to be like that? But don't stop there. Go further once you answer your question. Question your answer. Ask why is it so.

Here's an example:

What kind of person would you be? - I'd like to be good at meeting new people.

Why?  - Because I often feel uncomfortable when I have to speak with people I don't know.

Why?  - Because I feel I'm not good at small talk and it's hard to be myself in those situations.

Why? - Because I feel they are analyzing me and it's uncomfortable.

Why? - Because...

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