Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The power of a praying wife

I started reading this book:


I just finished the first chapter, and I got to say, this book seems to be amazing. Omartian writes honestly about the challenges she and her husband have had and how God saved their marriage. Even after just one chapter, the book has made me think about my role as a wife.

Here are couple things Omartian writes in the first chapter:

- It's not always easy to pray for your husband. He can hurt you by being inconsiderate and uncaring. He can also irritate you.

- If you want to be a wife who wants to do right (not be right) and give life instead of get even, pray for your husband.

- "In every broken marriage, there is at least one person whose heart is against God." And because of this, the big picture gets blurred. The big picture is that GOD CAN HEAL YOUR MARRIAGE. There's always hope. And God is willing to restore your dead marriage.

I will end this post with Michael Omartian's words:

"I can think of no better way to truly love your husband than lifting him up in prayer on a consistent basis." 

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