Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Work out challenge

I hate exercising and I'm a lazy coach potato. That's why I needed to come up with a fun and easy way to work out at home. 

That's how Dance like no one's watching came to life. 


1. Wear comfortable clothes and have a water bottle close by.

2. Make sure you're alone so you can dance like no one's watching and have enough space around you.

3. Never stop moving. If you can't come up with any moves just shake your hips or move your hands. DON'T STOP MOVING. Even when your out of breath don't stop. Slow down. But don't stop. Get it? Don't stop moving.

4. Read daily details before you start. (You don't have to do those things during the whole song.)

5. Don't be shy. You're alone. Be silly and try to make yourself laugh.

Day 1

Theme: Crazy Goofy Latino Ballet. 
Duration: app. 25 minutes

Songs 1-2 : Warm up. Find your inner ballet dancer but don't forget to be crazy and goofy.

Song 3: Time to go crazy. Everything has to be BIG!

Water break

Song 4: Time to move your hips. 

Song 5: Slow down but everything's still BIG.

Day 2

Theme: Diva Attitude
Duration: app. 18 minutes

Song 1: Warm up. Find your inner diva. 

Song 2: This is a leg song. Bounce. Go up. Go down. Make your legs burn.

Song 3: Jump. Get your heart beat up.

Water break

Song 4: One word: Booty.

Song 5: Slow down but don't lose your diva attitude. BIG ending!

Day 3

Theme: Riverdance Madness
Duration: app. 20 minutes
Props: Scarf

Song 1: Warm up. Imagine that you're floating on water.

Song 2: Begin slow and then find your inner Irish dancer (you'll know when!).

Song 3: Legs!

Water break

Song 4: Dance like a leprechaun. 

Song 5: Imagine you're the wind. Use the scarf. 

Day 4

Theme: Silly Love
Duration: app. 23 minutes

Song 1: Warm up. Pay attention to your hands.

Song 2: Go crazy! Your heart should be beating like a jungle drum.

Song 3: Bounce.

Water break

Song 4: Move your hips and go up and down.

Song 5: Slow motion during verses but make it BIG.

Song 6: During oh-oh-no-no jump around like a crazy person.

Song 7: Slow dance with yourself.

Day 5

Theme: Bad Girl
Duration: app. 21 minutes

Song 1: Warm up. 

Song 2: Stomp your feet.

Song 3: Move your hips and imagine you're a catwalk model.

Water break

Song 4: Do your thang girl!

Song 5: Make your thighs burn.

Song 6: Do karate kicks.

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