Saturday, October 3, 2015

What does it feel like to grow up abroad

I'm a third culture kid, which means I spent a significant amount of my childhood abroad. Many people have asked me, what's it like to grow up abroad. Here's my short answer:

1. You realise your own language is very limited, so you need to use phrases from the other language

2. You always miss someone

3. You say goodbye a lot

4. You always miss something (food, candy, TV, weather, buildings...)

5. You don't know where you're from

6. You most likely love airports and planes

7. When you go back to your "home" country, you feel like an outsider

8. Being a foreigner feels normal. And when you're not, it's WEIRD.

9. Cultural and practical differences abroad don't bother you

10. You have more political, religious and cultural knowledge than your peer's back "home"

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