Thursday, November 27, 2014

Learning to say yes

Last month I wrote about learning to say no, because it has always been a challenge for me.

After that post, I've been thinking; I should say yes more often. 

1. Yes to listening

Don't argue, instead listen and give reasons. Listening won't shake your ideas, thoughts and ideals unless they should be shaken.

2. Yes to trying

Don't be afraid to fail. You can't learn anything if you only do things that you're good at. Step out of your comfort zone. Enjoy the uncertain. Learn. 

3. Yes to limits

Value the rules. Try to find the meaning behind them. Also, learn your own limits. Rest.

4. Yes to growth

Don't settle. A human being is never ready. We are built to grow. Are you too busy to grow?

5. Yes to making a difference

Don't just feel bad about things happening around you. Change them. Fight against the injustice. Refuse to just watch what happens.

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